Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day

We got a little snow - about 5-6".

Dad had been watching the weather starting Saturday. We wanted to go to Tyson's Corner on Sunday, to watch and participate in the Master Lego building event to create an 8 foot tall Lego Yoda.

The projected accumulation for our area continued to grow but as the forecast moved the storm to later and later Sunday afternoon, then evening, we decided to venture out.

The kids love going to Tyson's, aka The Big Mall or Daddy's Mall (because its across from dad's office), and they both thought the Yoda (still under construction) was cool. The event had a variety of tables - one where you could build lego people, a duplo (bigger blocks) lego table, another table with assembled lego food (which was glued together) and a photo album, and several different "brick" building stations. A "brick" is a lot of regular lego pieces put together to create one large brick which is then used on the model. Each brick building station had an instruction sheet with the specifications.

Shmoo instantly started building his first brick while little hugs had fun putting together lego people, checking out the lego food models, and looking at some of the pictures. She used to call them "lee-gos" which was super cute but now, its plain old legos. After watching his first brick be added to the model, the shmoo was so excited, he had to create 4 more bricks.

Then, we headed off to pick up the participation certificate at the Lego store, take care of a little shopping, and eat. After dinner, and dessert at Coldstone, little hugs and I went to the bead store while dad and shmoo headed off to see the Yoda be completed. Luckily, they got there just in time and, from above, were able to watch the last couple of bricks be added and see streamers shot off. Extremely exciting stuff.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. Dad used his cell phone but without a flash, the picture is useless.

Edited to add: Dad found this link. The guy on right with the red shirt is dad, the kid in front of him, leaning against the rail in the grey striped shirt is the shmoo.

The snow had started by the time we left but it wasn't bad yet. Over night, we got about 3". Daycare and work were open but, our streets didn't get plowed until the afternoon so we all stayed home.

Here are a few shots of the snow from this morning:
And a few of the shmoo playing this afternoon:
Little hugs would barely step off the sidewalk and then didn't do anything except stand in the snow:
Darby LOVES snow. The breeder we got her from in NC was worried about her being a short-haired dog and living in a climate that usually gets some snow every year. Nothing to worry about, that dog would stay out in the snow longer and more often, if we'd only let her.
Most of those tracks are her's - from running around like a crazy nut!

Its supposed to stay below freezing for the next day or two so this snow will probably hang around until Thursday or Friday.

Stay warm!

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heather said...

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