Monday, January 26, 2009


(still catching up - started Monday, posted Thursday)

Saturday night, we went to the birthday party of my college roommate's three year old son. They live an hour away so its a long drive but worth it to see a bunch of friends. Neither kid took a nap that day, not at home, and, unbelievably, not in the car, because neither one of them would stop talking.

The party was fun - lots of kids, good friends, and a ton of fantastic food, as always. The kids were loud and crazy and they had a blast, which is all that really matters when you're talking about a kid's party. It was nice to see our friends and visit. All in all, a fun but uneventful trip.

Until the ride home.

I wouldn't really say it was eventful, maybe just amusing.

By the time we left the party, both kids were in their pjs and it was 8:30pm - past little hugs bedtime and about the time we try to head upstairs with the shmoo. Without a nap and all the running around, both kids were exhausted. Or so you would think. The shmoo started fading as soon as the car started moving but, little hugs wouldn't stop talking - again. We watched as shmoo's eyes closed, then popped open, again and again.

Finally, dad says, very nicely, I might add, "you need to hush" to which little hugs responds, "don't make me an-gee, guys (pause) don't make me an-gee (pause, then accentuating each word) don't tell me to be quiet!". We do everything we can to contain our giggles and say nothing.

At this point, shmoo is asleep and all is quiet. About 5 minutes pass and I hear "mommy" to which I, of course, answer "yes, sweetie?". "You be quiet, mom, hush!". This only makes me giggle more while dad snickers.

Only 1 or 2 minutes later I hear "mommy, I soooo tired" to which I respond "then close your eyes [thinking - and your trap]", "ok".

When we got home, both kids were so deep asleep, neither one of them stirred as we carried them to bed, took off coats and shoes, and tucked them in.

Everyone was fresh and ready to go again Sunday morning, just a few minutes later than usual.

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