Monday, April 6, 2009

The evil weasel?

So, this morning on the way to daycare and work, the shmoo asked me to tell him more about "the evil weasel".

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about so I asked if that was some type of story he heard at school and was surprised by the response - "No, you told me about him."

"I don't remember that story, was it a book or something we saw on TV?"

"No, it was a telling story." We tell him a made-up story every night before he goes to bed. They are usually about super-heroes or special agents. Every once in a while I convince him that a true story from my childhood would be entertaining.

"Oh, it must be a story Dad told you, I don't know about Dad's stories."

"No, mom (add attitude and frustration), it was one of your stories, you have to remember".

"Well, I've told you a lot of stories and we've read a lot of books and I don't remember everything, maybe you can tell me more about this evil weasel".

"You told me how he only wants to do bad stuff and he wants other people to do bad stuff".

"I'm sorry but I still don't remember, anything else?"

"Ugh... mom, you have to remember the weasel, I want to know more about him, he's God's nemesis".

"I think you mean the devil".

"Oh, yea, the devil. Why does he want to be a bad guy?"

Who knows where "evil weasel" came from. I was totally confused. We talked about the devil months and months ago, I don't even remember why but now I'm surprised it took so long to come up again.

What almost five year old uses words like "nemesis"?!? He also likes to say things like "apparently" and "injured" (vs hurt). Kindergarten is going to be fun!

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