Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The middle fumb

Last night, little hugs and I were playing around. She was sitting in my lap, facing me, and we were both being silly.

I had taken her pacifier, mainly because I can't understand her when she talks with it in her mouth, but also because we are really trying to limit her use of it. I had the loop of it around my thumb until she decided she had to have it back and she twisted it off, which actually hurt. I decided to play it up a little bit - "Owww, you hurt my thumb, make it feel better. "

Looking very concerned, she said "Let me see, where does it hurt". "Right here, on my thumb", pointing to a red spot on the top of my left thumb.

"That's not a fumb, that's a finger", then kissing it, "now its all better."

I decide to turn this into a lesson and, taking her hand and pointing to her thumb, I say, "this is your thumb and these are fingers, the thumb is a special finger, you have five fingers", and pointing to each, I count, "one, two, three, four, five ... see, five fingers."

"No mommy", holding my hand and pointing at my thumb, "this, is a finger, your fumb is in the middle, right here", pointing to my middle finger.

Of course, I feel like this needs to be corrected so I explain that the thumb is the thumb and its also a finger, just a shorter finger and, (again) you have five fingers on your hand.

But, being little hugs, she is always right and you can not convince her otherwise. She went on to explain, with all the seriousness in the world, that my thumb, was actually a finger, and "this is the middle fumb."

I'm sure we'll revisit this until we get things straightened out but I couldn't continue last night. I was trying desperately not to laugh and could not argue with such a sweet girl and the cuteness of the "middle fumb".

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