Thursday, April 9, 2009

The middle fumb - update

Ok, so I was duped by a 2.5 year old.

Yesterday, when we were leaving daycare and I was buckling little hugs up in the car, I decide to revisit the middle fumb.

So, I hold up my hand, and pointing at my pinkie, I ask, "What is this?". "A finger". Simple enough, so I move on, one by one, until I get to the thumb - "finger, finger, finger, fumb". Correct. I decide to go backwards, starting with the thumb - "thumb, finger, finger, finger, finger". Correct again.

Then, I state, "Yesterday, you said this was a finger", pointing at my thumb, "and this was my middle thumb", pointing at my middle finger.

Laughter, then "Oh, I was just jokin', I a silly gwirl" (not girl, she says gwirl).

A silly girl indeed. She was so adamant the night before, I totally bought it.

And I'll admit it, this is not the first time she's tricked me into believing something as part of her silliness. It is amazing how great (and intelligent) a sense of humor she has at such a young age.

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